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Custom Assemblies
Custom Assemblies
Custom Assemblies

The beauty of the DIN Rail concept is its convenience; the unsurpassed ease with which many different components and devices can be mounted on the same rail.

Altech has made things even easier by making it possible for you to order custom designed assemblies with a single part number or, for that matter, your own drawing number. No need to order a multitude of parts, no more unwanted inventories of bulk-packaged accessories.

Send Altech your drawings or specifications, and our experienced staff will build, mark and ship your assembly, ready for installation. Our on-staff engineers will also assist you in reviewing your drawings.

Altech Custom DIN Assembly Video

You have a Panel

Custom Assembly Sample 1

You need this.

Custom Assembly Sample 1

But why order so many parts when you can order one Altech part ...

Custom Assembly Sample 1

... with one drawing.

Custom Assembly Sample 1

It's that easy

Custom Assembly Sample 1

Some samples.

Custom Assembly Sample 1


For more on Industrial Relays click here.

Expand the capabilities of logic systems or link incompatable systems with Altech interface and electronic modules and carriers. These DIN rail or panel mounted printed circuit board modules, subsystems and carriers give design flexibility, simplify panel layouts, and reduce maintenance and downtime.

Altech’s compact interface modules provide a flexible, cost effective transition from Sub-D, Ribbon Cable and other connectors to terminal blocks.

Altech’s electronic modules include Diode, Fuse, Varistor, Optocoupler (I/O), Relay, power supplies and custom modules.

If your needs go beyond our comprehensive range of standard interface and electronic modules, Altech can custom design a module to meet even the most sophisticated requirements.

Modules are supplied completely assembled with ready to wire screw-cage terminal blocks in an extruded track. The track can be mounted on 35 or 32mm DIN Rail or can be panel mounted. Select individual components and mount your own electronic boards with Altech mounting tracks.

Connector-To-Terminal Block

Compact and reliable transitions between high density connectors and high quality screw-cage clamp terminal blocks.

  • FBK Ribbon Cable, up to 64 poles
  • Subminiature - D, up to 50 poles
module module


Special purpose components connected to screw-cage clamp terminals.

  • M, LED Indicator Module
  • FM, 5x20mm Fuse Module
  • SSM, Surge Suppressor
module module

Diode Modules & Component Carriers

Use our Diode Modules to build lamp test circuits, decouple signals, etc. Mount your own components into our Component Carriers (supplied without electronic components). Or, tell us what you need and we’ll install it for you.

module module
  • DM Diode Modules have series connection 1A or 3A diodes, and 1A diode gates with common cathodes or anodes, providing commonly used diode arrangements
  • BSM Component Carrier has factory installed fork-and eyelet soldering posts in each series trace
  • CCA Component Carrier consists of a printed circuit board with four in-line and two bus-connection through-holes to solder pads in each trace, complete with terminal blocks. Type of carriers:

    • RC Carriers for miniature relays, with isolated or bussed coil power or ground.
    • DIP-C, Dual In-Line Package
      socket carrier with 3A rated sockets.
    • I/O I, Input and Output module mounting carrier has isolated positions (no bussing, each module circuit is self contained and isolated from adjacent circuits).
    • I/O B, Input and output module carrier, with bussed logic-side power.
    • OSC, Octal Socket Carrier accepts a variety of 8 and 11 pin round socket relays.
    • BSM Component Carrier has
      factory installed fork-and-eyelet
      soldering posts in each series trace.
    • CCA Component Carrier consists of printed circuit board with four in-line and two bus-connection through-holes to solder pads in each trace. Complete with terminal blocks.

moduleDigital I/O Modules

Solid State Relay I/O Modules
35 or 32mm DIN Rail

Solid State I/O Modules are used to switch both AC and DC loads as well as sensing AC or DC control voltages for controlling the input to a PLC. The input is isolated from the output via an optically coupled circuit in the device itself. Since there are no moving parts, the device will have a virtually unlimited life.

Altech I/O Module assemblies can be supplied in either an isolated or bussed configuration as shown on page 28.


  • Wide range of Solid State I/O Modules to choose from
  • LED Indicators, Fuse Protection
  • Input or Output Modules can be mixed & Matched on the same board
  • Custom installed I/O modules available upon request
  • Most plug-in modules are UL Recognized, CE mark.
  • Bussed or isolated
  • up to 16 channels on single module
  • Custom designs can be accommodated!

moduleMiniature Relays

Traditional relay and safety relay modules in a high density package.

  • Protect equipment
  • Provide insulation
  • Control motors, solenoid and valves
  • Safety relays for emergency stop, safety gate and two-hand stop


Custom Interface Modules

If your design or application requires more functionality or features than our standard product, Altech offers complete engineering, prototype and production services for custom modules.

Our staff has the ability to take your design or requirements and manufacture your custom module. Custom module production generally includes engineering, PCB layout and prototypes, packaged in Altech extrusions for mounting on panels or DIN Rail. In many industrial control systems, customized designs are the solution for many problems.

Altech provides a quick turnaround and competitive solution to your problem.


Application Assistance
  • Modify a standard product
  • Help define a new product

Engineering Capability

  • Use of latest CAD system
  • PCB layouts completed promptly
  • Prototypes available two weeks after
  • PCB layout approval

Manufacturing Capability

  • Complete in-house manufacturing
  • ISO 9001 Certified

Minimum Quantities

  • 25 piece minimum for custom quotes
  • Quotation provided at no cost

Altech Benefits

  • Fast turnaround due to in-house capability
  • Highly competitive in-house manufacturing
  • Use of Altech components (blocks, extrusions, connectors)

General Purpose / Interface Relays
  • AC or DC coil I-Series direct DIN-Rail mountable with screw terminals for PLC applications
  • M, G, L plug-in relays for DIN-Panel mountable sockets, with lockable test buttons and mechanical flag (M and G)
  • LED version available
  • Diode module for M-Series and G-Series available
modules module

Pluggable Slimline Relays

At only 6.2mm thickness the RS series Relay module features a slim Din Rail mountable interface solution. The modules have a plug in construction and are available with or without the relay. The built in LED indicates the relay energizing state. The relay features a SPDT configuration and a maximum switching current of 6A. It is available with several standard coil voltages from 5VAC/DC up to 230V AC/DC.

There is a provision for fitting pluggable jumpers which reduces the wiring time. The modules have screw terminals with finger protection for wire termination and offer an IP 20 protection rating. The relay has an IP67 protection rating. Both the relay and the module are UL recognized.

module module








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