Hinged Safety Switches
Safety Switches for Hinged Door Applications

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  • Keyed Safety Switches
  • Solenoid Locking Safety Switches
  • Hinged Safety Switches
  • Non-Contact Safety Switches
  • Safety Rope Pull Switches
  • Standard Rope Pull Switches
  • Double Sided Rope Pull Switches
  • Safety Relays

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SHS3 Series

  • Stainless steel hinge
  • Freely and repeatedly adjustable switching point
  • 2 positive opening safety contacts with additional normally-open signalling contact
  • Offered in die-cast zinc or stainless steel
  • IP69K versions available
  • Suitable Food and Beverage Industry
  • Double hinge version with two switches available

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M49 drawing

SHS Series

  • System up to performance level e using 2 SHS switches
  • The angle range extends from 0° to 225°
  • Safety device ensures positive locking after the switch has been set
  • Plug connector or fixed cable are available for axial and radial connection
  • AC/DC version (up to 250 V) or DC version (up to 60 V) available
  • Pressure die-cast zinc enclosure allows use of the SHS switch in many applications
  • IP 67

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GC drawing

I88 & GC Series

  • Switches designed for activation by the movement of hinged doors
  • VKS/VKW versions mount on top of the door and are triggered by a sliding pivot
  • VKS or VKW can be mounted vertically or horiontally
  • AHDB versions are actuated by an extended rod from the hinge
  • Available in the Ti2 or I88 plastic body and GC metal body switch series

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