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Altech DIN Rails comply with EN 60715 and DIN 50045, 50022 and 50035 standards. DIN Rails have been accepted throughout the world, allowing the equipment or panel builder  to mount a wide variety of control components, devices, terminal blocks, power supplies, etc. on the same rail. The use of DIN Rails enhances design capabilities, saves space and reduces labor.
Standard rails are made of regular steel with galvanic zinc plating and passivation and are available in various configurations. Aluminum and stainless steel rails are also available but only in 35 mm size and 7.5 mm deep.
Standard DIN Rails are available in 35mm (7.5 and 15mm deep), 32mm and 15mm widths and are supplied in 1 m (3'3") and 2 m (6’6”) lengths. Upon request they can be cut to custom lengths and punched with custom holes or perforations.

  • 35mm, 32mm, 15mm
  • Perforated or un-perforated
  • Standard rail is steel with galvanic zinc plating and passivation
  • Aluminum Rail is made of Aluminum
  • Stainless steel rail is made of AISI 304 type stainless steel
Altech DIN Rail


Support Brackets elevate DIN Rails away from the panel to facilitate component mounting and to increase wiring access. Angled brackets tilt the rail by 35° to improve visibility. Straight brackets are available in three heights for optimum positioning of the rail.

Brackets mount with 2 screws to any panel or flat surface and have tapped center holes for rail mounting. Bracket material is steel, zinc plated yellow chromated.

Altech Support Brackets

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